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Software that's not designed for construction can slow productivity within your company. Maxwell Systems can help streamline your processes with software designed specifically for your industry. Our contractor software can fit any size business. Many tools and features help manage your business by focusing on what you and everyone within your organization needs most from a software solution. Industry professionals, customer feedback, and years of experience have shaped the construction software solutions we provide today. More than 10,000 contractors of every size and trade rely on our software to help maximize productivity, profitability and realize their business' potential. Construction-focused and customer-driven, we are dedicated to delivering value beyond the software to help you achieve significant return on investment.

Why is this the Software Contractors Need?

  • Increase speed and accuracy
  • Streamline processes for optimal productivity
  • Maximize profits for every project
  • Handles the complexities of the entire project lifecycle
  • Meets the business requirements of every role within the organization
  • See a day's profit potential at a glance
  • Identify and prevent potential financial losses
  • Spot discrepancies and errors
  • Manage projects to stay on-budget and on-schedule
  • Improve financial stability for long-term benefit

Our Industry-Specific Contractor and Subcontractor Software

Maxwell Systems software for contractors is tailored to fit your industry with the distinct features you need to run your business with optimal productivity. Our end-to-end solution will streamline processes and meet the business requirements of every role within your organization. Plus our software for contractors can help your business achieve improved accuracy, cost reductions and increased profits.

Up-to-Date Contractor Software

To provide you with the latest technologies and problem-solving features, Maxwell Systems takes part in industry trade shows, maintains a presence in industry trade publications expert articles, and participates in industry trade associations. We are committed to offering you the best industry-specific software for subcontractors and contractors.

Our software for contractors addresses your primary business requirements in areas such as Estimating and Proposal Management, Project Management, Workforce Management, Financial Management, Equipment Management and Materials Management.

The following is a sample of the distinct features included in each key process area:

Estimating and Proposal Management

  • From the original bid file, automatically create project records, job budgets and change orders.
  • Store an unlimited number of cost items and details per bid.
  • Easily create proposals from a bid and track by estimator, lead source, client and so forth.
  • For flexibility and accuracy, choose digital or digitized takeoff.
  • Attach documents for future reference, such as subcontractors' proposals, customer requests and Outlook E-mails.

Project Management

  • Efficiently track up-to-date job costs against budgeted costs, including committed costs of subcontractors and material purchases.
  • Track pertinent documents such as transmittals, RFIs, subcontracts and change orders.
  • Unitary billing and quantity tracking are incorporated within project management.
  • Alerts indicate when items are overdue and require attention.

Financial Management

  • With retention and discount capabilities, accounts receivable and payable are specifically tailored for contractors.
  • System-wide integration ensures commitments and payments are processed efficiently and accurately.
  • Owners and accounting staff can easily access real-time financial information and can drill down to the detailed transaction levels.
  • Specific construction billing formats include T&M, AIA, Progress, Cost Plus, Retention Only and more.
  • WIP and Bonding reports are easily created.

Workforce Management

  • Daily timecard entry is simple, and job reporting can include un-posted payroll for up-to-the-minute labor tracking.
  • Software includes everything needed to process and report contractor payroll.
  • Scan and store important documents such as I-9 verifications, drug tests and certificates of completion.
  • Handle complex Human Resources, including Workers' Compensation, Union, Merit Shop, Certified Payroll, EEOC and more.

Procurement and Materials Buy-out Management

  • On-screen alerts warn when an item added to a PO causes a job budget item to be exceeded.
  • For timely job scheduling, materials can be tracked by job: ordered amount, received amount, outstanding amount and expected time of arrival.
  • Create purchase orders and subcontracts directly from a detailed bid.

Equipment Management

  • Define and track maintenance procedures for each piece of equipment.
  • Detailed reporting keeps track of how much a piece of equipment is earning versus how much it costs to operate.
  • Whether it is a fleet of equipment or just a few critical pieces, Equipment Management will track equipment usage to each job.

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