Need Estimating Software for Bidding and Proposal Management?

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Maxwell Systems delivers fast, accurate, and easy-to-use software so you can significantly improve your company’s takeoff and estimating. Our takeoff and estimating software is a powerful tool that will allow your company to work more efficiently, bid more jobs, win more work, and make more profit than you thought possible. Our automated takeoff and estimating software can help you complete bids up to 10 times faster than using manual methods and spreadsheets and allows you to measure accurately to within 1/1000 of an inch.

How Takeoff and Estimating Software Can Help Your Company:

  • Choose digital or digitized takeoff to save time, improve accuracy, and cut costs on paperwork.
  • Easily determine materials, equipment, and labor needs for any job using a pre-built and customizable database, tailored to your specific trade and based on industry standard labor units.
  • Store an unlimited number of cost items and details per bid.
  • Easily create proposals from a bid and track them by estimator, lead source, client, and so forth.
  • Attach pertinent documents for future reference, such as customer requests and Microsoft Outlook E-mails.
  • Automatically create project records, job budgets and change orders in accounting from the original bid file.

Industry-Specific Takeoff and Estimating Software

Maxwell Systems software is designed with features specifically for your trade. To bolster our knowledgebase and demonstrate our commitment to the industry, we take part in industry trade shows, maintain a presence in industry trade publications through expert articles, and participate in industry trade associations. This commitment has translated to our software being uniquely tailored to fit your specific trade needs with features that improve your productivity and maximize profits. Learn more about our powerful software.

  • ProContractorMX — This end-to-end construction software solution includes takeoff, estimating, and proposal management features to help construction companies of any industry and size to quickly and accurately quantify, price and bid projects. It's ideal for residential, commercial, subcontracting, specialty, heavy/highway, underground utilities, and sitework contractors.
  • Estimation — This software for construction is tailored to the needs of electrical, heating, ventilation and cooling (HVAC), plumbing, and mechanical contractors.

Need Software for Bidding and Proposal Management?

With Bid/Proposal Management software, the estimating and job cost accounting areas of your organization can seamlessly share information. You can achieve true analysis of bids and streamline workflow, including proposals, budgets, billing, purchase orders, and more.

How Bidding Software Helps Your Company:

  • Analyze job performance, profit, and cash flow.
  • Examine profitability at bid point and at current position of job.
  • Compare original bid estimate to current job estimate.
  • Review bid performance by wins/losses and by estimator, lead source, or bid type.
  • Consider information in spreadsheet presentations or visual graphs.
  • Easily determine materials, equipment, and labor needs for any job using a pre-built and customizable database tailored to your specific trade and based on industry standard labor units.

A Complete Construction Software Solution Optimizes Productivity

By choosing Complete Software for your construction company, you will have all your applications for estimating, job cost accounting, and project management in one seamless system. Our end-to-end software helps your company streamline processes for optimal productivity and maximize profits for every project. Our solutions handle the complexities of the entire construction business project lifecycle and meet the business requirements of every role in the organization. Our construction software addresses your businesses key requirements in areas such as Takeoff and Estimating, Bid and Proposal Management, Project Management, Procurement Management, Employee Management, Financial Management, Equipment Management, Materials Management, and more.

How A Complete Solution Helps Your Company

Maxwell Systems complete construction software solutions help contractors streamline processes across key business areas and confidently increase profitability on every project.

You will have the tools you need to:

  • Accomplish more in less time
  • Taking the guesswork out of reaching true profit potential
  • Improve financial stability for long-term benefit
  • See a day's profit potential at a glance
  • Identify and prevent potential financial losses
  • Spot discrepancies and errors
  • Manage projects with accurate information in real time

A complete solution from Maxwell Systems provides end-to-end control of your business so you can see a day's profit potential at a glance, identify and prevent potential financial losses, spot discrepancies and errors, and manage projects with accurate information in real time. With true visibility of every project, executives can hone business strategy, improve control of cash flow, and keep financials in the black with accurate ROI.