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Commercial office buildingMaxwell Systems understands the challenges you face in the property management industry. Whether you own real estate and actively manage your own properties or you hire a property manager to operate your buildings, you strive to keep a keen eye on marketing, financing, and building operations. You need help to manage all this with a property management software soution.

Much of your time is dedicated to ensuring that properties are as fully occupied as possible, determining and negotiating lease length and amount, hiring and supervising local staff, and providing or arranging for utilities, maintenance, and other building services.

Understandably, cash flow can be a preoccupation for property owners and managers and vacancy and lease rates are major concerns. Although many operating costs are fixed (expenses such as the property itself, insurance, labor, and maintenance, can be easily anticipated), revenue losses from vacant space go straight to the bottom line. Plus companies are exposed to changes in local real estate tax rates, and fixed costs do not decline if occupancy rates drop during difficult economic times.

To be successful in business, you must:

  • Track complex lease information, work orders, and preventive maintenance
  • Manage the construction lifecycle and costs in a seamless solution
  • Easily enter and extract data using a comprehensive financial accounting system
  • Control property budgeting and forecasting to improve the bottom line
  • Gain insight into overall financial performance of commercial properties

To help you accomplish all that and much more, Maxwell Systems offers property management software to help you achieve operational efficiencies, cost reductions, and increased profits.

  • Property Management [+]
    • Comprehensive lease database helps streamline processes unique to the property management industry: rent collections, expiration reporting, CAM recovery processes, and more
    • Automatic alerts for key lease dates (such as lease expiration, lease options, and rent increases) eliminate missing dates or last-minute scrambling to meet obligations of the lease
    • Automated work order capabilities help manage tenant and building maintenance to be completed and ensure billing in a timely fashion, maximizing efficiency and cash flow
    • Track important details with integrated calendar, versatile notifications, and helpful process workflows. Also integrates with Microsoft Outlook for efficient emailing of invoices and more
  • Construction Management [+]
    • Fully integrated accounting, job costing, subcontractor and contractor components help you stay on schedule and on budget
    • Import job budgets and track budget revisions to manage expected expenditures for completing your projects
    • Analyze job profitability by reviewing the original contract, change orders, budgets, purchase and subcontract commitments, actual expenditures, and projected costs
  • Financial Management [+]
    • Monitor financial details in real-time, concise formats with drill-down to detailed source transactions
    • Scan and electronically route invoices through the approval process, which minimizes time and labor associated with processing AP invoices
    • Reduce time-consuming tasks related to incoming and outgoing funds using electronic banking tools
    • Efficiently manage insurance and loan information
  • Forecasting and Budget Management [+]
    • Streamline the budgeting process with powerful analysis of lease and expense information
    • Plan for inflation and capital expenditures; and develop assumptions on lease renewals and vacancies
    • Forecast expected revenue and expenses 10 years into the future with details identified in the General Ledger and Tenant Lease databases
    • Use approved budget details to automatically update GL account budgets and CAM increases for the upcoming year

Property managers and developers face changing technological challenges and various obstacles to business goals. Achieving operational efficiencies, reducing costs, and increasing profits are among the key capabilities addressed by Maxwell Systems commercial property management software:

  • Experience new levels of insight and simplicity when it comes to managing, reporting, and accounting.
  • Key performance indicators, customizable alerts (expirations, options, renewals, etc.), automated rent increases, and management by exception give property owners full control of their business
  • Easily monitor the company's performance and improve each property's profitability with a system that's easy to administer
  • Scan and attach documents such as leases, floor plans, AP invoices, and insurance certificates so you can create and easily access information
  • Streamline day-to-day office activities and improve workflow because the software’s applications are developed on the  latest Microsoft Office tools

Maxwell Systems’ industry-specific software solutions are shaped by decades of leadership and innovation, expert professionals with direct experience in your industry, and critically valuable feedback from customers. And we continue to demonstrate our commitment to and build our understanding of the property management industry by: contributing to trade publications as authors and advertisers, serving on association committees, and participating in trade shows including International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC) RECON Conference, Building Owners and Managers Association International (BOMA) Annual Conference, and Annual Realcomm Conference & Expo.

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