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Electrical towers and powerlinesThe challenges you face as a contractor in the electrical trade are unique to your type of work and line of business. Whether you do new construction, replacement or retrofitting, or maintenance and repair work for the residential, commercial, and/or industrial markets, your projects may involve installing/maintaining electrical power systems, conduits, cables, control panels, generators, lighting systems, video and data systems, and low voltage systems (fire alarms), and perhaps even fiber optic and solar installations, wind energy, net metering, and cogeneration.

Your industry is evolving and your business can be complex, which demands that you properly estimate costs for contracts, review plans and specifications, schedule crews, manage inventory, and schedule equipment to ensure that you fulfill each contract according to schedule.

That’s why Maxwell Systems believes that your business deserves electrical contractor software – including estimating software for electrical and electrical accounting software – so you have a solution that’s tailored to your industry, so you can simplify and streamline your processes and communications, and improve overall performance and profitability for every project.

To be successful in business, you must:

  • Quickly and accurately quantify, price, and bid projects
  • Easily view various costs for a project to make decisions
  • Efficiently schedule time and workforce and track important documents
  • Conveniently view technician workload and customer details to quickly assess work requirements and dispatch effectively
  • Properly manage the buying process for projects to ensure you purchase at the best possible prices – especially important when you’re bearing the risk of changes in material and labor costs
  • Manage complex Human Resources, including Payroll, Workers' Compensation, Union, Certified Payroll, EEOC, and more
  • Control job costs and proper recognition of revenue
  • Have an industry specific bidding software

To help you accomplish all that and much more, Maxwell Systems offers construction software solutions that address the critical issues that impact managing an electrical contracting business.

  • Takeoff, Estimating, and Proposal Management
  • Project Management
  • Financial Management
  • Employee Management
  • Service Management
  • Procurement Management

And because you face unique challenges in technology and communications in the office and in the field, Maxwell Systems construction software solutions help you improve operational efficiencies and share relevant information:

  • Seamless takeoff and estimating software that reduces data entry and increases speed and accuracy
  • Mobile technology for two-way data transfer between those in the back office and those in the field, as well as bar code technology and dispatch board integration
  • Job cost accounting capabilities that are critical to running construction projects profitably
  • Comprehensive reporting features, including key performance indicators, customizable alerts, work order automation, and management by exception

With such easy-to-use yet robust software solutions, construction owners can gain full control of their business and insight into each project’s performance and profitability.

Maxwell Systems’ industry-specific construction software solutions are shaped by decades of leadership and innovation, expert professionals with direct experience in the construction industry, and critically valuable feedback from customers. And we continue to demonstrate our commitment to and build our understanding of the electrical contracting industry by: contributing to trade publications as authors and advertisers, serving on association committees, and participating in trade shows including Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC) EdCon & Expo, Annual Independent Electrical Contractors (IEC) National Convention & Electric Expo, and National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA) Convention & Show.


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