Estimating for MEP


Maxwell knows you have special software needs when it comes to estimating for MEP work.

That’s why we’ve tailored Estimation to be the right-fit solution for specialty contractors who need: 

It’s built for the way you work so you can crank out faster, more precise bids for your Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, or HVAC business.

With Estimation for MEP, you can work with increased speed and accuracy throughout your bidding process, save time on paperwork, and achieve greater overall efficiency and cost savings, thanks to easy-to-use features that help you:

Electrical Estimator on the job

  • Perform fast, accurate takeoffs
  • Determine materials and labor needs for any job
  • Produce accurate and professional estimates
  • Streamline purchasing with comprehensive tools for materials management
  • Analyze pricing on your projects to focus on the critical aspects of jobs
  • Obtain committed job costs from suppliers

Because it’s tailored to your trade, Estimation helps lower costs associated with estimating and winning jobs, and performs calculations and extensions automatically. You’ll be able to make truly informed business decisions, have complete control over the estimating process, and ultimately bid more accurately and increase profitability.

Estimating for MEP Demo

Watch Online Demo: Estimation Software Tailored for MEP Speeds Takeoff through Bidding

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