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Optimize Your Business with Best Practices

Construction companies are meeting the challenge of ever-intensifying competition by refining their business operations with standardized operating practices and “visible” information that is shared among multiple departments. Download Best Practices Guide: Optimizing Your Construction Business for Profitable Growth.

Learn about the six steps that help make businesses more efficient and so boost profit:

  • Gain better visibility of operations and performance
  • Know true costs to budget and forecast with accuracy
  • Enforce change orders and measure impact on profit
  • Improve collaboration between estimators, accounting staff, and superintendents
  • Stay on top of numbers, progress, billings, and profits
  • Look at labor as an asset, not just risk

Get practical tips you can apply today to better standardize your business processes and improve visibility, quality of work, and profitability on every project.

An excerpt from the best practices guide:
“Perhaps most importantly, feeding accurate estimate and project information into accounting systems empowers everyone involved in a project to actively manage it for profitability. And enables finance teams and owners to manage – in other words, maximize – the firm’s cash. For example, at Evans Chaffee Construction Group (based in Avon, Colorado) information visibility allows project managers to access accounting data and rapidly calculate their own “cost-to-complete” estimates at any point in a job.”

Download the free best practices guide, “Optimizing Your Construction Business for Profitable Growth,” and see how construction companies are now leveraging construction management software to:

  • Document everything easily
  • Commit to constant improvement
  • Eliminate spreadsheets and redundancy
  • Proactively manage change orders
  • Exploit the value of seamless information sharing
  • Enhance security for proper access and control
  • Find the best sweet spot



Optimizing Your Business - Best Practice Guide